Hey, I'm Jeremy. I'm a 20 year-old entrepreneur in Canada.

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I’m an entrepreneur. These are the businesses I’m building.


Giving all Canadians access to health care.

A family of products designed to modernize the health care industry in Canada creating a happier, healither Canada.


We build digital products.

Sailboat is a talented collective of designers and developers. Together, we ship cutting-edge products.


I’m a designer + developer. These are a few of the companies I’ve worked with.

I’m a podcaster. These are the two podcasts I host.


Daily (Kind of)

This is a daily show I host from the Anchor app. You’ll find short snippets about my days, insights into my strategies, and random rants.

The Journey

Season One Coming Soon

Each season contains 10 epsiodes. Every episode is a 40-90 minute candid converastion with a special guest about entrepreneurship.

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I hate spam too! You won’t get any from me.

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